Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Vistors to Quadra

A message to the Quadra tourist.....

  • Everyone is legally bound to report a fire of any type particularly during these extreme conditions, even small campfires. It is law. If you see smoke of any kind, you must report it by calling 1-800-663-5555 or call *5555. You can also simply call 911.
  • If a fire is traced to origin, the party responsible can be held liable for all costs associated with fire containment and all damages caused by the blaze.
  • Under these conditions, fires can start from some of the most mundane sources. Constant vigilance is the key.
    • Sun magnified through the lens of a pair of reading glasses (yes, I fought a 3 acre fire started this way).
    • the tiniest ember from a cigarette butt (if you can't hold it in your fingers, it is not out) .
    • two rocks striking each other generating a spark.
    • vehicles that have pulled over into tall grass (to look at a map or answer a cell phone) have mufflers and catalytic converters which can easily cause ignition.
    • I just read an anecdotal description of a plastic wine glass acting as a magnifying lens almost starting a picnic table on fire.
  • Almost all rural industrial activities have been suspended where where machinery and or hand power tools such as chain saws are in use.
  • Currently, there are no open flame fires of any kind (this includes candles). Fireworks are also prohibited. Contained fire systems such as camp stoves are allowed.
  • Everyone should be on high alert. If you spot someone acting in a careless manner regarding fire safety, there is every reason it should be stopped immediately. It can be done in a friendly and courteous manner. Even visitors to the island have a right and responsibility to be FireSmart vigilant. Here on Quadra, it is a rural lifestyle we cherish most and what often attracts visitors to come and stay. There are many isolated homes and hobby farms that are hidden from plain view. A small fire anywhere on this island will most certainly directly affect someones home and or livelihood.
  • Enjoy the island and help us all protect what we have.

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